(dà hǒu)

: big; huge; large; major

hǒu: roar or howl of an animal; bellow of rage

(photo coming soon)

Back when I first started playing in rock bands, my favorite (and most overused) effect was a certain classic fuzz box whose cryptic name employed a Greek letter and mathematical symbol (∏) to suggest a adolescent reference to a certain area of the female anatomy.

It was, and still is, a great pedal, but it does have limitations, foremost among them a propensity to utterly eradicate any vestige of picking-hand nuance or dynamics. For someone like myself, who relies heavily on this mode of expression, this really is a show stopper. The other problematic area was a tone control that really didn't support any kind of subtle timbre sculpting.

My approach to resolving the first issue was to redesign the original circuit utilizing 'fetzer valve' techniques, which employ JFET transistors to emulate the touch-responsiveness of actual vacuum tubes. For the tone stack, I adapted one of the most unusual, and most powerful circuits in tube amp history: the venerable 6G5 tone stack used in the rare Fender Brown-Face Pro.

Operates on a single 9V battery, or an included wall-wart supply.

Switching, of course, is full bypass.

Comes housed in a sturdy, powder-coated steel chassis.

Projected direct price: $199.00, including external power supply.