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Watt's The Difference?

Glad You Asked!

Bruce Lee, whose Chinese name was Jun Fan (李振藩 in traditional Chinese characters), was an actor, martial arts teacher, philosopher, film director, and screenwriter. The philosophy and martial art style he developed is called Jeet Kune Do, and emphasizes an eclectic approach not only to combat, but to all aspects of life; summarized by the credo: Use what works. In the founder's own words: "Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own."

This philosophy perfectly exemplifies my own approach to music in general, and amplifier design in particular, and as such, inspired the homonymous brand name: Hugh's Wattwerx.

My approach to amp design/construction is pretty simple: I build what I want to use myself, one amp at a time. That way, if nobody ever buys one, who cares? I have my ideal amp for my own use. If/when one sells, then I'll build another.

What this means is that for me, these are completely custom-designed units; designed and redesigned, tweaked and honed, until they are completely perfect.  To the extent that your needs resemble mine, these amps will fit you like a favorite shoe.

Obviously, I do not build clones of classic amps or knock-offs of other people's designs. If there were models out there that were exactly what I wanted to use, I would simply buy one of those, and spend my limited hours on earth creating something else.

Bottom line is simply this: I really don't care if I never sell a single amp, and that's the truth.  I build every amp with the goal and the expectation that I will be perfectly happy if it's the last amp I ever own. Of course, being an engineer, I have far more ideas than I will ever live to instantiate, so if someone wants to avail themselves of my current design, recovering my investment will permit me to build that next one, and so on and so forth. If not . . . shrug . . . I'm a happy picker either way.

Finally, I have always conducted myself, in both business and personal affairs, based on one simple philosophy: Nobody should ever regret having interacted with me. This approach has never failed me in the past, and no prospect of material gain will ever be important enough to entice me to compromise that principle.