Royal sound in a portable package.







Prince Tone:

Using the same form factor and cosmetics of the Fender Princeton™ amp, internally, the Prince-Tone is actually a big-brother to the Thunder Chimp. The larger form factor accomodates a toneful but lightweight Weber NeoMag™ 10, a pair of big-bottle Genelex Gold Lion KT66 power tubes, and a tube-driven reverb.

Unlike the Thunder Chimp, Prince-Tone employs a fixed-bias output section for 45W hard-punching watts. The two-stage preamp employs an EF86 small-signal pentode for enhanced tonal nuance and touch sensitivity.

Volume and bypassable master controls allow flexible tailoring of sound, and a sophisticated tone control (also bypassable) offers all the range you could want while maintaining the amps inherent tonal character. A well-voiced reverb control rounds out the front panel complement.

Price: $2,699.00