“Use only that which works, and take it from any place you can find it.”
― Bruce Lee (The Little Dragon), Tao of Jeet Kune Do


Prototype Description

The unit illustrated above is my first production-quality prototype for sale, so I'll explain precisely what that means:

Basically, future production units will differ in some respects (though not in quality). Consequently, this unit has have the advantage of being one of a kind. Its serial number is LD-0001.

The main factors that will differentiate the production models from the this prototype are cosmetic in nature. My woodworking skills are, quite frankly, not up to the task of producing a professional-quality cabinet, so used a nice commerically-built cabinet I happened to have on hand. It is built of 1/2" plywood, with attractive hardware, which I augmented with the leather strap and speaker grille.I took this cabinet, covered it with fresh tolex, and had a professional machinist build a matching chassis to fit it.

In order to accomodate the critical components, I was compelled to mount the speaker from the front, as shown. For future models, I plan to use commercially available Fender Super Champ-sized cabinets and chassis, which are both wider and deeper than the prototype. Hence, they will allow a traditional grille cloth treatment and rear-mounted speaker, but won't be quite as compact as the prototype.


The production models will be priced at $3199.00. I'm discounting the prototype by $1200, for a net price of $1,999.00 in order to facilitate a quick sale and finance the commencement of full production.

At this time I am ONLY selling through Ebay. Here's the Link:


The first time people see Little Dragon in person, their immediate reaction is amazement at how much smaller it is than it appears in the pictures, so here's one that should help put it into perspective: