“Use only that which works, and take it from any place you can find it.”
― Bruce Lee, Tao of Jeet Kune Do


This hand-wired amp is a modified Hoffman Stout 18, which, in turn, is basically the normal channel  of a Marshall 18 with just one input, but an extra gain stage.  My modification uses a pair of cathode-biased 6L6s, running in pure class-A configuration in place of the original's EL84s, with the second gain stage controlled by a foot switch. Using the 6L6s in this configuration allows the amp to maintain greater headroom at full volume, while the switchable gain stage serves as an adjustable overdrive.  In addition, the custom-voiced tone control is completely bypassable, giving an additional volume boost.

Transformers are all high-quality USA-made units from Edcor. Speaker is a vintage alnico Altec Lansing. Cabinet is solid maple with dovetail joints, covered in 21-oz hammock-weight canvas, finished with multiple coasts of orange shellac and spar varnish.

I usually have my cabinets made by a professional woodworker, but since I built this for my own use, I made the cabinet myself, so it's a bit lacking in cosmetic refinement, but definitely has that desirable 'road-worn' look .

 It's a great sounding all-tube, hand-wired amp with sufficient power for small clubs or recording for what you'd expect to pay for a solid-state practice amp.



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Circuit Board:





(Speaker has small professionally repaired tear. -- Does not affect performance)

Document describing various configs of basic Hoffman Stout Design: